🎙️Flloyd Kennedy, an Australian-born, Liverpool based poet, performer, voice and acting coach in her late 70s, has created the comic-audio-drama Am I Old Yet?, a series of self-contained vignettes in which a character named Helen, who is also in her late 70s, adjusts to the reality of ageing with dignity, honesty and joy. Helen engages in conversation with members of her family and friends in a way that makes you feel along for the ride, invited to hear a perspective that is often overlooked in podcasting. What do I keep saying about poets being the best podcasters, you guys? These are beautiful pieces that deal with deep and intimate thoughts we’ll all be confronting sooner or later. Listen here.

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Author: Flloyd Kennedy

  • Prose, Poetry Pitstop

    This week I was invited to be a guest on the premiere episode of “Prose, Poetry Pitstop” – a show featuring poets and writers sharing their original works and stories, hosted by Justice Hall. Here it is.

  • Historic Event

    It’s not often one gets the opportunity to be part of something historic, so I was pretty chuffed to be included in Threshold Festival X’s line-up yesterday. Sad that this was to be the final Threshold Festival though. This grass roots festival of music and visual arts has been running annually in Liverpool since 2011. […]

  • Things to do in lockdown…

    Somebody recently described me as ‘someone who Does Things’, and I have to agree. But I don’t see that it’s anything to be particularly proud or, or not. It’s just who and what I am. I have to be Doing Things. And if I’m lucky, sometimes other people enjoy what I do. So, I’ve published […]

  • Reviews!

    Some of my readers are sharing their response to “Sunsets & Kites” I’ve just finished reading my copy of Flloyd Kennedy‘s wonderful collection!🌅🪁 It captures her many facets and is so personal and thought-provoking. Lucy Pickavance With kindness, love and a gentleness almost forgotten, I found these words prising open my soul without my knowledge. I am […]

  • Sunsets & Kites

    There used to be sunsets. There used to be golden days fading to greys A sky full of light Would fight with the night For the right To die.

  • On the Road Again

    It’s September already, and I’m back in the rehearsal room with Dame June Bloom, Teddy Edward and Liam the Lamb. We’ve been invited by Live Arts, in the Scottish Borders, to bring the show to their local community, in the tiny village of Westruther. One night only, Friday 20th September, we’ll be there! Also delighted […]

  • Songs and spoken word Open Mic

  • Just how free can you be?

    Rhetorical question, because the past two years, mixing almost full time teaching with the occasional touring gig has been wonderful, full of amazing experiences, working with talented young theatre artists, alongside some extraordinary teachers.  So – farewell, and thanks for all that. Now, I’m back on the road, just me and my backpack, Dame June’s […]

  • Life of a Troubadour

    Life of a Troubadour

    I almost wrote “Life of a Vagabond”, because that’s what it feels like!  Here I am, presently based in Edinburgh, Scotland, renting a room in a delightful family flat a block from Portobello Beach. I’ve some teaching work at a local acting academy, working with Acting students, and Musical Theatre students, just fabulous. In between […]

  • At Last – the Nurse

    I am in the delightful position right now of playing one of Shakespeare’s great roles, the nurse in Romeo & Juliet.  Strictly speaking, I’m probably too old for her. After all, she had a baby the same age as Juliet, just under fourteen years ago, and my child-bearing years ended quite some time before that. […]