Being in Voice

Voice and speech training programs to suit all levels of experience, which can be designed individually to accommodate your busy schedule.

I have been working as an actor, director and voice and acting coach in Australia, UK and USA for many years. I will provide you with the tools to develop a strong, flexible, effective speaking voice. Once you understand how to use those tools, you own them, you have control over how you use them – your way.

Being in Voice is suitable for anyone who wishes to enhance their communication skills.
For actors, this means being alive and working in the moment, keeping the performance fresh and spontaneous every time. For public speakers, business people, educators this means expressing yourself with clarity and confidence, generously sharing the content of your topic with your audience.

Public speakersperformers, broadcasters and voice over artists need to prepare well in advance, giving yourself – and your muscles, time to be fit, flexible and truly responsive to the demands of the occasion. Whether you are making a 5 minute pitch or performing Hamlet, your voice connects you, physically, to your audience.

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Being in Voice – the app – is available in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad. It contains exercises for maintaining a healthy voice, and for developing the voice for professional purposes.

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“Excellent for actors, singers or speakers! ★★★★★ Clear, concise app for those wishing to warm up and improve his or her voice for speaking or singing. The exercises are easy to follow, gentle and safe. The articulation exercises are especially helpful. “

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