Home is Where I Hang My Pot

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The colour in these words is the real gift. Thanks to @flloydkennedy wordsmith, fierce and gentle. “Home is where I hang my Pot” and “Sunsets & Kites” read like old friends, with something new to say.

Lu Cyrcus

 I love Flloyd’s poetry and I love to hear her read it. She is warm and genuine and very insightful in her observations on life and humanity. ??

Sarah Macdonald

Aussie-born, Liverpool-based singer-songwriter and performance poet Flloyd (with 2 Ells) Kennedy started writing poetry in her early teens, sending letters home from boarding school in tetrameter rhyming couplets.  Her parents were not impressed.

Now in her eighth decade, her second collection of songs and poems draws on an avalanche of memories from a life uproariously lived and wryly observed, taking philosophically comic stabs at the world around her which, quite frankly, seems to have lost the plot.

No subject is too random: the life cycle of a pot plant, riding the CoronaCoaster, managing bouts of depression – her witty ramblings take advantage of the benefit of hindsight as she now hurtles precariously down the other side of life’s hill.