I am a Liverpool-based, Australian-born theatre maker, classical actress, singer-songwriter, performance poet, clown (Fairy Bessie) and podcaster, who has trained and worked in the UK, USA, Russia and Australia.

Showreel 2021

Here is the link to my Youtube channel, Flloyd with 2 Ells.

?️Flloyd Kennedy, an Australian-born, Liverpool based poet, performer, voice and acting coach in her late 70s, has created the comic-audio-drama Am I Old Yet?, a series of self-contained vignettes in which a character named Helen, who is also in her late 70s, adjusts to the reality of ageing with dignity, honesty and joy. Helen engages in conversation with members of her family and friends in a way that makes you feel along for the ride, invited to hear a perspective that is often overlooked in podcasting. What do I keep saying about poets being the best podcasters, you guys? These are beautiful pieces that deal with deep and intimate thoughts we’ll all be confronting sooner or later. Listen here.

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