Sunsets & Kites

Sunsets & Kites: Scatterings of dark and light in poems, songs and essays

Sunsets & Kites, front and back cover

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“Flloyd Kennedy’s collection is the real deal: honest, unsparing, hilarious and heartfelt. Her wryly observed stories, told in poetry and song, will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading, and re-reading, again and again.”

Lauren Grodstein, author of “Our Short History” and “A Friend of the Family”.

 A beautiful collection of writing

“I ordered this on a recommendation from a friend, I am not disappointed. Flloyd Kennedy writes from the heart about the past and present day. The poems, essays and song lyrics will make you stop and ponder on the topics covered. It made me laugh (In defence of the so called lying Cretan) and brought a tear to my eye (Am I Old Yet?). Do your soul a favour and buy a copy.”

“Flloyd Kennedy bears her soul in her first volume of poems, songs and anecdotes.   Share a journey through her loves and hates – telling us how it is, experienced through the lunacies and laughter of her life on and off the stage”

Sue Hillman

“filled with you and your funny, wonderfully anarchic and bonkers voice. So authentic and upbeat and alive!!!! And I’m enjoying the different styles and the funny and the heartfelt.”

Jane Vicary

“With kindness, love and a gentleness almost forgotten, I found these words prising open my soul without my knowledge. I am left unsettled, and my mind and heart are more exposed. There is a slowness in this book that is missing in the world. A kindness. A gentle beauty to the words and rhythms that allows the deeper meanings to move in the shadows. Visible but unseen… and I am changed.

“This book is a delight. Make yourself a cup of tea, turn your phone off, sit in the comfy chair and allow yourself to drift gently with the tides for an hour or so. Don’t rush, don’t look for meaning, just go slowly. Thank you Flloyd.”

Ted Gray.

“Flloyd’s book is a blockbuster, get in there for a nice present or something to cuddle up with these dark winter months, I guarantee this talented lady will not disappoint…”

Th’Owd Chap.

Aussie-born, Liverpool-based actress, singer-songwriter and performance poet Flloyd (with 2 Ells) Kennedy has lived, trained, worked and performed in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, Nigeria, Russia, USA and England.

Her poems, songs and stories gather together in much the same way as she has lived her life –  moving from place to place when the need arises, stopping to take note of the chaos, the kindness and the absurdity around her.

Flloyd Kennedy draws upon her personal experience of life, not as memoir but as a means of making some kind of sense of life in general. Whether she’s celebrating the Singing Beetle, analysing the Anatomy of Despair, Dreaming of a  fantasy lover or exposing the nonsense of Austerity, Flloyd uses wry wit and a philosophical turn to reveal the world in a different, scattered light.

Here are a couple of poems from “Sunsets & Kites”…

Some speculations on time and space, and where we are in relation to it?
just asking for a friend…

The Alfa Theatre in Tel Aviv continues to work with both Israeli and Palestinian theatre artists under the direction of Professor Emeritus Avraham Oz, (Department of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, University of Haifa) in spite of having their grant funding severely restricted. Professor Oz had replied to my letter of support with the words “let us hope for better days”. 

And here is a poem from my next collection, “Home is Where I Hang My Pot”, released in February 2021. Contact Flloyd for a copy.

A sequence of non-sequitors, that may – or may not – add up to something.