The Return of Fairy Bessie

Amidst the covid chaos of the past few weeks, a moment of pure fun. I was invited to be a guest on the “Nana Funk’s Stocking Filler” show at the Unity Theatre, here in Liverpool last Friday. Nana is a local sensation, a burlesquing granny character created by the amazing clown performer Angie Waller. She has to be seen to be believed. I’ve seen, and I believe.

Nana Funk making snow angels Photo courtesy Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Angie asked me if I’d like to perform, as well as have a chat with her on stage, so I brought Fairy Bessie out of the suitcase, and Nana and Bessie had a good old reminisce about their younger glory days.

Fairy Bessie tries her hand at rapping. Photo courtesy Unity Theatre, Liverpool

You can watch the whole show now online, by renting the video from the Unity Theatre website. All proceeds for the artists involved.