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Flloydwith2Ells, at the Come Together Festival, Liverpool UK

photo courtesy Glam Gig Pics

Threshold X – the final countdown

Flloyd Kennedy gave us some banjo tunes about insects, beetles and the like as well as some spoken word. It was joyful and playful. She mused about writing a book about nothing – “a post apocalyptic book about me”. That’s unfair. There’s a lot to like about Flloyd.

“Merry Go Round – a lullaby for a stoical baby is a song with which we could do with taking heed. “Live in the moment for the future will astound you” and “The future is already here and it’s either what you hoped for, or it’s not!” She has books of her poetry on Amazon.”

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as Eva Lo Brac, in "Reality - The Final", Cervantes Theatre, Out Of The Wings Festival 2018