Yes! Because… (London April 2017)

Dame June Bloom in full flight, Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham, London, April 2017.

“Flloyd has a masterful connection to herself and her character and immediately puts her

Flloyd as Dame June Bloom, in "Yes, Because..." Melbourne showcase Jan 2015

Flloyd as Dame June Bloom, in “Yes, Because…” Melbourne showcase Jan 2015

audience at their ease and walks them down a journey of pain and hilarity.” – Peter Rasmussen, Casting Director. 

‘I loved watching Flloyd in this heartfelt, honest and playful piece. Delightfully driven with stories, verse speaking and song, Flloyd brings such presence and power to her gorgeously vulnerable and funny Dame June’ – Jane Barber


Flloyd as Juliet in A Tender Thing, directed by Linda Davey





“Both Ms Kennedy and Mr Croome are very impressive: credible, vulnerable, heart-breakingly affecting – I swear you could hear pins drop. Can they speak the verse? You bet they can. Their delivery is clear, effortless, meaning-filled and … beautiful.”  The Green Room.

A Tender Thing (Juliet)

Flloyd Kennedy (Juliet) and Michael Croome (Romeo). “A Tender Thing”.


“Flloyd Kennedy brings softness, playfulness and mirth to the character of Juliet.” AussieTheatre



Rebecca Murphy (Mary) and Flloyd Kennedy (Hannah), “Mary Stuart”, Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble, directed by Christina Koch


Eve, in “I’m Not Here”, short film directed by Hamish Rutherford


The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will) (June) - Brisbane

The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will) (June) – Brisbane